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Welcome to Michael M. Grant's Viral Notebook Resource Wiki!


Hi! I'm Michael M. Grant, and this is the accompanying professional development resource wiki to my blog at http://viral-notebook.com .  I use this wikispace to collect resources, tutorials, how tos, professional development and course resources all into one area.  I work extensively with four groups, and I have created or adapted resources for each.  I'm currently in the process of converting a lot of my resources and handouts to this wiki, so check back for a lot more.

  1. K-12 teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms, including using project-based and problem-based learning. 
  2. Graduate students seeking degrees in Instructional Design & Technology.
  3. Companies and organizations interested in instructional design and development.
  4. University faculty interested in instructional design, teaching and learning online, and integrating technology into their classrooms.


Recent Presentations & Workshops

Preservice & Inservice Teachers  Graduate Students  Companies & Organizations  University Faculty

April 2012

  1. Union University Workshops

December 2011

  1. Midsouth Technology Conference Sessions

November 2011

  1. AECT Workshop

October 2011

  1. UofM Mobile Teaching & Learning Conference

June 2011

  1. Cure4Kids Global Summit

April 2011

  1. Tennessee Association of Independent Schools Technology Institute Workshop

March 2011

  1. College of Charleston Faculty Technology Institute
  2. SITE 2011

January 2011

  1. Union University Workshop

December 2010

  1. Midsouth Technology Conference

November 2010

  1. West Tennessee Technology Symposium

October 2010

  1. Arkansas Distance Learning Association (ARDLA)
  2. ARDLA
  3. Writing & Publishing Seminar at Purdue University



  1. Technology Coach & Teacher Technology Handbooks
  2. Tools for Teaching and Learning
  3. Secrets to Project-based Learning
  4. Web 2.0 ... from the beginning
  1. Forms for IDT Doc Students
  2. Annotated Article Template
  3. Research Residency Preliminary Report
  4. Comprehensive Exam Tips
  5. Prospectus Document Checklist
  6. Prospectus Meeting Reminders
  7. Dissertation Meeting Reminders
  8. Technology to Support Your Research
  9. Curriculum Vitae Resources


Graduate Teaching Assistants

  1. GTA Workshop



  1. Presentation: What you want from a web app & the ones worth wasting a Wednesday afternoon with
  2. Autozone & Social Media


IDT 7095-8095 Client Information

Teaching & Learning Online
  1. Planning an Online Course
  2. Introductory Email to Online Students
  3. Introductory Pages for an Online Course
  4. Online Course Content Page Template
  5. Online Course Project Page Template
  6. Tips for Online Course Management
  7. Tips for Asynchronous Communications
  8. Tips for Synchronous Communications
  9. Assessment in Online Courses
  10. Building a Course Site with PBWorks


Tools for Teaching and Learning





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